Feature Additions/Requests

I’m very interested in discussing use cases that pyramid_redis_sessions doesn’t cover but that you’d like to see in your session library.

If you have an idea you want to discuss further, ping me (erasmas) on freenode in #pyramid, or you’re also welcome to submit a pull request.

However, I do ask that you make the request on a new feature.<your feature> branch so that I can spend some time testing the code before merging to master.

Notes on Testing

The test suite is written in a way that may be unusual to some, so if you submit a patch I only ask that you follow the testing methodology employed here. On a technical level it boils down to:

  1. Parameterizing classes or functions that connect to outside systems
  2. In tests, supplying dummy instances of those classes

In practice this means never hardcoding a redis-py StrictRedis instance in pyramid_redis_sessions, and always passing in instances of DummyRedis in tests.

On a philosophical level I see outside processes as swappable strategies, and the purpose of my code is to control how those strategies are employed. For this reason tests in pyramid_redis_session should never need to use Mock.